Who We Are

We are The Working Assembly, a multidisciplinary creative collective where the love of well—crafted ideas, design and technology intersect to create memorable and effective experiences.

We have a passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands. We grow startups—from ideation to realization—collaborating on branding, user experience, design and development. We also work with existing companies and provide business transforming product innovation, brand development and creative campaigns.

How We Work

... with startups

We work with funded startups and collaborate as they create something new. Finding the right specialist or assembling a creative team from scratch is daunting and can drain critical time and resources—that’s where we step in.

Do you need a logo? An innovative UI? A UX workflow? A minimum viable product (MVP)? We can jump in at any part of the process with our experienced multidisciplinary team.

We help bring these new companies and brands to life through the design of their product, services, spaces, and interactive experiences.This co-creation often leads to equity partnerships in tandem with our ongoing relationships.

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... with brands

We work with established brands and agencies and assist them with everything from branding to content creation. Our wide range of services extends from logo design to mobile app development to short films to food trucks.

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... with brands
that want to
innovate like
a startup

The Working Assembly offers the 24 Hour Assembly—a great resource for startups and companies alike—to get unstuck or accelerate a project already in motion. It’s also a way for corporations to innovate or test an idea through a design exercise.

Through the 24 Hour Assembly, our team has launched an MVP for a mobile communications conglomerate, conceived an exploratory concept restaurant for a national chain and supported a global agency win a multi-million dollar pitch.

These projects are usually top secret, but we’re happy to discuss privately about how we can work with you.

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What We Do

We continuously explore new disciplines to best meet our clients' needs, keep pace with emerging technology, and employ best practices. While design will always be at the forefront of everything we do, there are a few key areas of our expertise that are requested most often:

The Assembly

Our flexible model allows us to stay agile in a time of tight budgets and compressed timelines. At the same time, our size ensures you remain an active part of your project, not lost in the bureaucracy of a big box agency.

For every project, we start with our core Assembly and scale the team depending on need, drawing from a vetted network of proven talent. Our collective is comprised of people that have experience working with the world's biggest brands, and bring a level of expertise, insight and creativity to everything they do.

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