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Felix Gray

Empowering people to see the world with fresh eyes.

Felix Gray is an eyewear brand offering stylish blue light filtering and anti-glare optical, sleep, and sunglasses. Amongst a crowded category, Felix Gray came to The Working Assembly to develop an updated brand positioning that would establish them as a leader within filtering lens technology. Storytelling played a large role in our project, as we balanced the need to educate Felix Gray’s  consumer about the importance of this technology while also ensuring they could maintain a  healthy relationship with their screens. Our work brought Felix Gray’s aspirational lifestyle to light with a refreshed visual identity system to match the brand goal of allowing their consumers to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives in the modern world.

  • Scope
    • Brand Strategy,
    • Visual Identity System,
    • Verbal Identity and Messaging,
    • Brand Guidelines,
    • Iconography,
    • Packaging System Design,
    • Web Design