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Meet the world’s most sustainable sneaker.

Kengos revolutionized the footwear industry by making shoes that look good, feel good, and do good for the planet. These uniquely crafted sneakers are made from plants and don’t compromise on comfort, style or value. Their goal is to eliminate waste and inspire intentional action with footwear that wears out slow, but breaks down fast.  With a passion for sustainability, we partnered with Kengos in 2019 when they were still prototyping their product. We collaborated closely in the development of the brand from positioning, visual and verbal identity, product design, packaging and design and development of their website.

  • Scope
    • Brand Strategy,
    • Verbal Identity and Messaging,
    • Visual Identity System,
    • Brand Guidelines,
    • Packaging System Design,
    • Web Design,
    • Experiential Design